Mirantis Releases Free Cloud Developer Edition of Mirantis OpenStack Express

To support cloud developer adoption of OpenStack, Mirantis, a pure-play OpenStack company, has released a free Developer Edition of its Mirantis OpenStack Express and a dozen new free OpenStack tutorials. The company’s Developer Edition is tailored for solo cloud developers and cloud solution providers looking to try OpenStack, and offers an on-demand, hosted development environment for Mirantis OpenStack.

To enable OpenStack newcomers to quickly become productive with OpenStack, Mirantis’ Developer Edition comes with a dozen of new, online tutorials based on Mirantis Training for OpenStack. The tutorials cover common use cases such as adding images, launching VMs, and using the Murano OpenStack application catalogue, all of which are available in the Developer Edition.

mirantis-openstack-cloudThe Developer Edition of Mirantis OpenStack Express will be free for the first 12 months. It includes an OpenStack tenant with a quota of 4 virtual CPUs, 4GB RAM, 100GB of storage, and two floating IP addresses, plus access to OpenStack APIs. Developers can add resources on demand, starting with quotas of 2vCPU, 2GB RAM, and 50GB of storage.

Team Edition

“The success of OpenStack is all about the solutions running on top of it,” said Mirantis CEO, Adrian Ionel. “Hundreds of thousands of developers are now familiar with cloud services and we want to enable them to ride the wave of OpenStack adoption. The free Developer Edition is their invitation to learn OpenStack and see its benefits, at no cost or risk.”

In addition to the Developer Edition, Mirantis offers an affordable Team Edition of Mirantis OpenStack Express for mid-sized teams looking to develop, test and deploy their applications on OpenStack, and a customizable Enterprise Edition of Mirantis OpenStack Express for large enterprises looking to migrate enterprise workloads to OpenStack.

The announcement follows the news that Mirantis has raised $100 million in Series B funding led by Insight Venture Partners. The financing would be the largest Series B open source investment in history. Mirantis will use the funds to double its engineering investments.