Mirantis Simplifies OpenStack Clouds With Turnkey Appliances

Mirantis, a pure-play OpenStack provider who has helped build and deploy some of the largest OpenStack clouds, has launched Mirantis Unlocked Appliances, a growing portfolio of converged infrastructure appliances built with Mirantis OpenStack, and certified and delivered by Certified Rack Partners. 

Mirantis Unlocked Appliances are single or multi-rack converged infrastructure appliances, delivered as a flexible turnkey OpenStack deployment, and pre-validated by Mirantis and pre-integrated by Certified Rack Partners.

mirantis-openstack-cloud“About 20 percent of infrastructure is consumed through the appliance form factor because it is extremely easy to set up and operate,” said Alex Freedland, Mirantis president and co-founder. “Mirantis Unlocked Appliances combines this ease of use with the openness and flexibility of OpenStack, delivered as a cloud-in-a-box. Our first appliance focuses on the most common OpenStack use case – developing cloud-native applications – and will be built and shipped by Certified Rack Partners across the ecosystem.”

Dell, Juniper Networks 

Through the Unlocked Appliance program, Mirantis collaborates with Unlocked Technology Partners, including hardware and software vendors, to design and pre-validate an architecture configuration that leverages Mirantis OpenStack. Rack Partners then build, deliver and certify appliances for customers.

Mirantis Unlocked Appliance is powered by Dell and Juniper Networks. The “well-balanced” architecture would offer both flexibility and scalability, with configurations ranging from six compute nodes and 12 TBs of useable storage, to a full rack comprised of 24 compute nodes and 24 TBs of useable storage, and a maximum of two racks sustaining over 1500 virtual machines and 48 TBs of useable storage.

cloud-hosting-security-juniperCompute and foundation nodes are based on performance optimized Dell PowerEdge R630 servers. Storage nodes are based on Dell PowerEdge R730xd with dual Intel Xeon E5-2600 CPUs and Intel SSD-based cache optimized for high-performance storage. Mirantis OpenStack 6.1 provides the infrastructure foundation, and each rack includes two Juniper QFX5100s as the data path and one Juniper EX3300 for management.

Systems Integrator

Redapt, Inc., a cloud-focused systems integrator based in Redmond, Washington, is the first Certified Rack Partner to deliver Mirantis’ inaugural appliance, Mirantis Unlocked Appliance for Cloud Native Applications. In addition to building and certifying the appliance, Redapt pre-validated the reference architecture in an engineering collaboration with Mirantis. 

dell-cloud“Redapt is excited to be the first Certified Rack Partner, which enables us to deliver what our customers have been requesting for years: the flexibility and zero lock-in of OpenStack in a turnkey solution.” said Josh Lindenbaum, Vice President of Business & Corporate Development, Redapt. “The architecture Redapt designed with Mirantis, with Mirantis OpenStack at the core, solves for the complexity commonly associated with OpenStack. Redapt will work closely with customers to assemble, deliver and install Mirantis Unlocked Appliances that will arrive in the data center ready to plug and play.”

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