Miroculus: Digital Microfluidics Platform

Miroculus has developed a novel digital microfluidics technology to automate and miniaturize genomic protocols such as next generation sequencing sample preparation, synthetic biology, cell editing, and combinatorial chemistry, in a compact, user-friendly system. This includes seamless workflow integration from novel molecular protocols to data analytics. By combining AWS IoT, AWS SQS and Amazon Elasticsearch Service Miroculus is able to scale to have hundreds of devices connected on the same platform. They generate thousands of messages per second, that are consumed by different API’s in order to give their users the flexibility and the visibility needed for their businesses. The solution relies on queues in order to decouple the producers from the consumers. On a completely separate tier, a combination of microservices and visualization provides flexibility to present analytical data to Miroculus customers. With these AWS tools Miroculus is able to make the most complex protocols easy and accessible to scientists everywhere.

Duration: 00:04:39
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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