Mithi: Refactoring Architecture from Block Store to Blob Store

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Mithi delivers multiple SaaS solutions, viz: SkyConnect, Vaultastic, ClrStream and Ideolve for Business Email, Archival, Security & Team Collaboration. With these platforms managing ever growing storage volumes, the critical piece in these solutions is a cost effective, scalable, fast and highly reliable storage platform. To achieve the goals, the email storage architecture is being transformed in 2 phases: Phase 1 (completed): A hierarchical storage layout with infrequently used mail and mail index moved to a warm BLOB store (Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)) with the block store as an intermediate hot store to store the frequently used email data (Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS)), Phase 2 (in progress): Move completely to blob storage and a stateless design to take further advantage of server-less models.

Host: Gaurav Jagavkar, Solutions Architect, AWS
Speaker: Pankaj Choudhary, Architect, Mithi

Duration: 7:1
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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