Perfect World, a North American online games publisher specializing in immersive free-to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG), has announced a multi-year renewal agreement for colocation, bare metal solutions and IP services at INAP‘s Boston data center.

INAP’s “high-power density” colocation footprint in Boston will continue to be utilized for the development and hosting of Perfect World’s online games. Founded in 2008, Perfect World Entertainment has published a number of ‘popular’ titles, including Swordsman, Blacklight Retribution, Forsaken World, PWI and Star Trek Online. A subsidiary of Perfect World Group, Perfect World Entertainment is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California.

forsaken world
Perfect World Entertainment has published a number of ‘popular’ titles, including Forsaken World

In addition to INAP colocation, Perfect World utilizes INAP’s bare metal AgileSERVER to scale their infrastructure based on month-to-month demand for their hero shooter, Gigantic. INAP’s ‘Performance IP’ siolution will continue to be utilized across Perfect World’s infrastructure to provide low latency – a top priority for a gaming company.

INAP’s products and services, as purchased by Perfect World, would demonstrate how a bundled infrastructure can be utilized to serve various clients’ needs – in this case, to serve different games to their audiences and flex their infrastructure based on demand.

“INAP’s high-quality service helps us to provide excellent gameplay experiences to our customers,” said Zheng Zeng, Perfect World Entertainment’s Director of Network Operations. “We were able to build out and keep expanding our highly available and scalable gaming backend infrastructure based on INAP’s reliable IP, colocation and bare-metal services.”

Founded in 1996, INAP‘s global high-capacity network connects its Tier 3-type data centers in 20 major markets throughout North America, Europe, and Asia.