Modern Orchestrated IT for Enterprise CMS: A Case Study for Wiley Education Services

Wiley’s Education Services (WES) leverages a mix of CMS platforms across their 50+ student information sites for major universities throughout the world. Traditionally these sites have been housed as part of a multi-site CMS install on a single VM, and eventually across 2 VMs. Failure of either one of these VMs would mean an outage for one or all of the hosted sites. As Wiley’s leadership looked forward, they recognized the risks involved with their current design and identified Docker as a way to mitigate these risks. WES began their investigation in to Docker to address issues of fault tolerance, consistency, and portability. They used this opportunity to modernize their workflows and reduce risk by promoting Docker images through their dev, preview, and production environments using CI/CD. This increased their confidence in deployments and reduced the need for maintenance windows. Early in the process, WES brought in BoxBoat as subject matter experts to accelerate their migration, and architect their Docker Enterprise solution. Through the use of well-defined workflows and persistent storage, applications are continually redeployed and restored between environments with zero downtime and no loss of data. Additionally developers can pull down and run any of the sites independently with configuration that matches production. Join this sessions to learn about the challenges and triumphs that Wiley faced when orchestrating CMS deployments in Docker!

Blaine Helmick, Wiley Education Services
Jesse Antoszyk, BoxBoat

Duration: 00:36:09
Publisher: Mirantis
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