MongoDB Atlas Extends Availability Beyond AWS Cloud to include Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure

MongoDB, a Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) company that secured $150 million in financing a couple of years ago, has announced that its cloud Database-as-a-Service solution, MongoDB Atlas, is now available to users all over the world on the top three public cloud platforms.

Launched in June of last year, MongoDB Atlas has seen significant growth and already has thousands of active users, including industry leaders such as eHarmony and Thermo Fisher Scientific. MongoDB Atlas has now extended its availability beyond Amazon Web Services (AWS Cloud) to include Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, delivering on MongoDB’s vision of running MongoDB anywhere, in any environment.

The addition of support for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP) would allow teams to “easily” gain the productivity benefits from MongoDB’s flexible data model and expressive query language on their preferred public cloud.

mongodb databases“MongoDB Atlas is the best-of-breed database for building modern applications, delivered as a secure, elastic, on-demand service offering,” said Sahir Azam, VP of Cloud Products, MongoDB. “By extending availability of MongoDB Atlas across AWS and now to Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure, we’re ensuring that MongoDB users everywhere can easily leverage the database with the cloud services they want, all without worrying about the operational overhead of running the database according to best practices.”

MongoDB Atlas offers an elastic pricing model that is metered on hourly usage. A wide range of instance sizes, storage performance, and backup schedules are available to meet the specific demands of every deployment.

“We are excited to have MongoDB offer its next-generation database as a service on Google Cloud Platform,” said Adam Massey, Director, Strategic Technology Partners, Google Cloud. “The combination of MongoDB Atlas and GCP gives developers more choice when building and scaling secure, high-performance, global applications.”

With comprehensive monitoring and continuous backups built in, MongoDB Atlas would provide high visibility into key metrics and granular, point-in-time recovery at the click of a button. The service would deliver high throughput and low latency for read and write operations for the most demanding workloads at virtually any scale. Multiple levels of security, some of which are enabled by default, would ensure that application data is always secure through MongoDB Atlas.

MongoDB has become a popular NoSQL database solution so we’re pleased that developers have the option of using MongoDB Atlas on Microsoft Azure,” said Nicole Herskowitz, senior director of product marketing, Azure, Microsoft. “It also reinforces our commitment to supporting open source solutions as first-class citizens on Azure.”

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