Monitor Aurora Global databases replication by CloudWatch Metrics Insights

Amazon Aurora is a high-performance, fully managed relational database service offered by Amazon Web Services. It is compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, providing exceptional scalability, availability, and durability for your data. With Amazon Aurora Global Database, you can replicate your primary database across multiple Regions, enabling worldwide data availability, low-latency read access, and robust disaster recovery capabilities.

To ensure the optimal performance and resilience of your Aurora global database, it’s important to closely monitor the replication process. Monitoring allows you to track the replication status, identify any potential issues, and maintain data latency across Regions. To fulfill these monitoring requirements, you can take advantage of Amazon CloudWatch Metrics Insights alarms and dashboards.

Metrics Insights, a feature of Amazon CloudWatch, brings valuable capabilities for monitoring Aurora global database replication. Metrics Insights enables enterprises to gain a comprehensive understanding of the replication delay, detect anomalies, and take proactive actions to maintain data integrity and minimize downtime.

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