Monitoring Kubernetes costs using Kubecost & Mirantis Kubernetes Engine [Webinar Excerpt]

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Cloud environments & Kubernetes are becoming more and more expensive to operate and manage. In this demo-rich workshop, Mirantis and KubeCost will demonstrate how to deploy KubeCost as a helm chart on top of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine. Lens users will be able to visualize their Kubernetes spend directly in the Lens desktop application. Allowing users to view spend and costs efficiently by namespace, pod, deployment, and more!

Join the workshop to learn how to monitor and reduce Mirantis Kubernetes Engine cost by namespace, pod, deployments through KubeCost an Open Source technology.

0:00 – Overview of Mirantis Kubernetes Engine & Lens
3:33 – Kubernetes Cost Allocation with Kubecost

Duration: 00:07:32
Publisher: Mirantis
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