Monitoring your GKE costs

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In the last video, we showed you how you can better understand your GKE costs. In this episode of Beyond Your Bill, we show you how to monitor your GKE costs by better observing your clusters and resources, reviewing logging strategies, utilizing Kubernetes Resource Quotas, and much more! Watch to learn how gaining greater visibility over your resources can help you optimize deployment costs!

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Observing your GKE clusters →
2:34 – Logging and monitoring →
3:01 – Multi-tenant logging →
3:21 – Enable GKE usage monitoring →
4:25 – Kubernetes Resource Quotas →
4:59 – Metrics Server →
6:04 – CI/CD for cost-optimization →
6:45 – Recommendation hub →
7:06 – Outro

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Product: Google Kubernetes Engine; fullname: Mark Mirchandani;


Duration: 00:07:41
Publisher: Google Cloud
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