Monthly Visitors LeaseWeb’s ‘Labs’ Blog To Exceed 50k

Maurits van der Schee, an innovation engineer at hosting provider LeaseWeb, has just shared some visitor statistics of, a blog launched two years ago to share insights and profound technical knowledge with customers and beyond. The official statistics show that there is quite some interest in the knowledge being shared by LeaseWeb.

LeaseWeb is one of the largest hosting providers in the world, specializing in dedicated servers and cloud hosting with more than 60,000 servers under management. In 2012, LeaseWeb engineers posted 29 technical articles which resulted in about 4-5k unique visitors per month. This year, LeaseWeb published 72 technical articles on its blog which now results in about 40-50k visitors per month. The company reached 1,500 unique visitors per day on average in December.

Tech-focused conversation

leaseweb-dedicated-serversThe LeaseWebLabs blog was established to engage with both tech-savvy fans and customers. The blog was created next to LeaseWeb’s corporate blog, to have a more tech-focused conversation with (potential) clients. On the blog, LeaseWeb engineers are writing articles like ‘Crucial optimizations for SSD usage in Ubuntu Linux’ and ‘VM template creation with oz-install’.

LeaseWeb is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company has subsidiaries in the U.S. and Germany. LeaseWeb provides Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting solutions including public cloud hostingprivate cloud, content delivery network (CDN) services, colocation and dedicated servers. The company owns a worldwide IP network with an uptime of 99.99999% and capacity of 3.5 Tbps.