Montreal Will Be the Second Metro Area to Offer Equinix Fabric in Canada

Equinix data centers

Global data center colocation and interconnection company Equinix will continue to bring Platform Equinix to Canada by expanding Equinix Fabric to Montreal. Equinix Fabric offers a way for colocation customers to connect their services and digital infrastructure with other company’s infrastructures with better cybersecurity and a software-defined interconnection.

Equinix Fabric was first expanded to key Canadian metros and now it will be added to another metro. Equinix is expanding in Canada to help better serve the country and the rest of the world. The expansion will provide IT infrastructure managers with a data center platform they can use in Canada to scale and digitize their operations.

Global Tech Trends Survey

Photo Andrew Eppich, Managing Director, Equinix Canada
“Montreal is a vital economic hub for Canada’s telecommunications, transportation and gaming sectors. This expansion represents a major milestone in our investment and commitment to empower Canadian businesses by offering more possibilities to connect with agility, speed and confidence,” Andrew Eppich, Managing Director, Equinix Canada.

About half of Canada’s digital leaders have accelerated their digital pivot due to COVID-19, according to the Global Tech Trends Survey. Another 40% said they have increased their budgets to satisfy the needs and digital demands put on their company. Due to this survey, Equinix chose Montreal as the new Canadian metro area to provide Equinix Fabric this year.

Network optimization is being driven by digital business growth due to the pandemic and customers’ needs now include the necessity to transform network architectures in specific locations to support more user data, cloud hosting, ecosystem partners, and services.

Customers would have a need for digital agility with better cybersecurity. Application exchange is now a need in the current business ecosystem and companies have to remain agile.

Highlights from Equinix Fabric

  • The company recently announced Equinix Fabric will be available for Quebec-based customers immediately
  • Montreal has joined Toronto as the second Canadian metro area to provide Equinix Fabric
  • Equinix expects to expand Equinix Fabric to 56 strategic markets globally with four more Canadian metros by the end of the year
  • The four new metro areas will be Kamloops, Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg
  • Currently, Equinix Fabric is available in 50 strategic metros across five continents
  • Equinix Fabric offers support for more than 31,000 customer connections and it has seen about 29% growth year-over-year.

A software-defined interconnection service, Equinix Fabric allows businesses to connect between their co-located infrastructure and another companies’ infrastructure using Platform Equinix. Since Equinix Fabric is built into Equinix Metal and Network Edge over the Equinix platform, it offers many possibilities for foundational infrastructure.

Hybrid Multi-Cloud Functionality Delivered to customers

Photo Mike Hilton, President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Canada
[PHOTO CAPTION 2:] HPE can now deliver a cloud experience to Canadian customers, in an Equinix data center, with the full benefit of Equinix’s cloud adjacency, private/on-demand interconnection speed and security,” said Mike Hilton, President, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Canada.
With Equinix allowing HPE with the GreenLake offering, it’s possible to deliver higher functionality with Hybrid multi-cloud to customers. The company is a respected market leader and customers of Equinix would benefit from the cloud adjacent, on-demand interconnection security, and speed. HPE has partnered with Equinix to support the build-out in Montreal and the Canadian expansion.

With more than 30,000 SAP deployments through the GreenLake hybrid cloud, HPE has incredible SAP expertise. This means the platform remains free of public cloud bandwidth/egress costs. The partnership would deliver minimal latency with both public and private cloud access and control.