Most Common WordPress Security Issues

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Things explained in the video:

-Why WordPress security matters
-Common WordPress security issues

Before diving deep into most common WordPress security issues, it’s important to understand why you must have a wordpress security checklist.

1) Website Protection: WordPress powers a significant portion of the internet, making it a prime target for hackers and malicious actors. Ensuring the security of your WordPress site is essential to protect it from potential threats.

2) Data Security: If your website collects user data, such as personal information or payment details, a breach could lead to data theft and privacy violations. Protecting your WordPress site helps safeguard sensitive information.

3) SEO and Ranking: Search engines like Google consider website security as a ranking factor. Secure websites tend to rank higher in search results, while insecure ones may be penalized.

4) Preventing Malware and Attacks: WordPress security measures can help thwart malware infections, DDoS attacks, and other malicious activities, keeping your site safe and functional.


00:00:00 Introduction
00:00:35 Why WordPress security matters
00:01:16 Outdated core software
00:03:07 Outdated themes and plugins
00:04:30 Malware
00:05:50 Credit card skimming
00:07:11 Unauthorized logins
00:08:32 Undefined user roles
00:10:11 SQL injections
00:11:10 SEO spam
0:12:56 Cross site scripting
00:13:53 Dos attacks

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