Moving a website onto a server running Plesk Obsidian (Fasthosts customers)

Please note this video is for Fasthosts customers and will be of limited use if you are using a different provider.

In this video I move my WordPress website from a shared hosting package onto a new CloudNX cloud server that is running Plesk Obsidian. It won’t matter if your shared package is different to mine (for example if you’re using a WordPress package) as the principle of moving website files and database files is pretty universal across packages / website types.


Connect to your shared hosting package via FTP (Ignite, Momentum and Ultimate):

Connect to WordPress hosting using SFTP (Uses FileZilla in the same way as FTP shown in the video):
WP (Go, Plus, Advance):
legacy WordPress hosting:

Connect to your shared database using PHPMyAdmin:

Connect to your WordPress hosting package database:
WP (Go, Plus, Advance):
legacy WordPress hosting:

Timestamps for the video:

0:00 – Introduction and overview
01:45 – Download website files from shared server
03:46 – Download database file from shared platform
05:30 – Login to Plesk on the server

06:37 – Common firewall ports

08:50 – Initial setup in Plesk
10:14 – Add a website in Plesk
12:03 – Upload website files to Plesk using FTP
16:23 – Create a database in Plesk
18:34 – Import your database backup to your Plesk database
19:58 – Update wp-config (only required if you are using WordPress)
21:23 – A note about SSL and DNS

22:16 – Update DNS to point your domain to Plesk
27:25 – Adding a free SSL certificate

Duration: 00:33:04
Publisher: Fasthosts Internet
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