Multi-Cloud Enterprise File Sharing Company, FileCloud, Expands to India

FileCloud, a cloud-agnostic Enterprise File Sharing and Sync (EFSS) platform, expands its operations to India by partnering with India-based BESTIR Software Services. With this new partnership, Indian customers would experience the control, security and privacy of FileCloud, as well as the local support and technology services of BESTIR.

In today’s mobile-first India, employees and customers want to access, edit and collaborate on files from any device, stated FileCloud. The majority of companies in India would still be using archaic solutions such as FTP or other consumer-grade file services to store and share sensitive business files. FileCloud would be a good choice to serve the end-to-end external and internal file-sharing and collaboration needs of Indian enterprises. Importantly, FileCloud supports multi-cloud environments by allowing customers to store their data on the infrastructure of their choice across public, private or hybrid clouds.

“The partnership will open a new dimension of world-class services for organizations and enterprises in India,” said Anand Subramanian, founder of BESTIR. “We are excited to bring a top-class technology enterprise file services platform to India. FileCloud is steeped in innovation and known for its customer support. With our deep experience in software development and services in India, we understand the unique needs of enterprises and government organizations. Our goal is to ensure that the leading Indian organizations can take advantage of the best that FileCloud has to offer.”


With just a few clicks, FileCloud would help IT administrators configure user settings, integrate branch office file servers, manage policies and deploy apps across any large organization. Key features of FileCloud would include:

  • Administrator Tools – Offers tools to deploy and manage thousands of users and millions of files. Customers can get unique insights such as usage trends, access by geo and content mix on their business.
  • Customization – Organizations can customize FileCloud to reflect their brand.
  • Data Leak Prevention – Includes real-time monitoring of employee devices and actions with a detailed audit trail. Offers capabilities to prevent data loss and detect security threats.
  • Security – Comes with security features including 2FA, encryption, Anti-Virus scanning, and custom policies.
  • Ransomware Protection – FileCloud’s heuristic file content scanning engine helps administrators to detect and block ransomware.

FileCloud is deployed across 90 countries and has more than 100 VARs and Managed Service Providers across the world. FileCloud is used by Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms, including the world’s leading law firms, government organizations, science and research organizations, and world-class universities.

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