Multi-Tenant Data Center Firm DC BLOX Launches Cloud Storage Service

DC Blox, a multi-tenant data center company wit interconnected data centers that are located in Atlanta, GA; Huntsville, AL; and Chattanooga, TN; with Birmingham, AL scheduled for opening in Q1 2019, has announced the immediate availability of its DC BLOX Cloud Storage service.

The new cloud storage service being launched supports both object storage (S3 API) and file storage (SMB) applications, with local storage in any of DC BLOX’s data centers in the Southeast U.S. The service allows customers to protect data with geographic diversity from their business’s premises and from within a DC BLOX data center across the DC BLOX network.

“We designed DC BLOX Cloud Storage for businesses in the Southeast that want their data to stay local, secure and protected against both systemic and natural disasters,” said Chris Gatch, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of DC BLOX. “Our solution leverages best-in-breed object storage technology, enabling highly efficient, reliable storage at scale, and a file system solution for compatibility with a wide range of applications.”

The DC BLOX Storage service would feature “simple and predictable pricing, high performance, low-price file storage,” specific storage location to choose from, private network connectivity and local support. Data can also be replicated to a second DC BLOX data center over its “high-speed” private network for no extra charge.

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