Namecheap, one of the world’s largest domain registrars and a global provider of managed web hosting services, has added new Bitcoin payment support through BTCPay. With BTCPay, Namecheap customers can now add any amount of money – up to $100,000 – to their Namecheap web hosting account balance to use for payments.

Namecheap has a long tradition of supporting Bitcoin. In 2013, the web hosting provider was one of the first major domain registrars to announce its acceptance of the currency as payment from its customers. BTCPay is an open-source and self-hosted cryptocurrency payment processor. Accepting Bitcoin payment through this new method would further underscore Namecheap’s commitment to personal data privacy and online security for all its customers.

Namecheap will also continue to accept web hosting services payment through BitPay. Users looking to purchase Namecheap products and services with Bitcoin will now have the option to do so through BTCPay or BitPay.

Web Education, Launching a First Website

Namecheap has also unveiled a virtual class lesson last week aimed at students and online novices. The free 20-minute YouTube video lesson covers the ‘Internet basics’, and everything someone would need to know to launch their first website. You can watch the video at the end of this article.

Additionally, through Namecheap for Education’s NC.ME initiative, almost all students and teachers in the U.S. are eligible for a free .me domain, web builder and more – so that teachers and students can create websites together.

Namecheap’s ‘The Internet Basics You Need to Launch Your First Website’ covers three main aspects of websites:

  • Domains – What is a domain name? How does DNS work? What is a TLD?
  • Web hosting – What is web hosting? What are the different kinds of web hosting? How to pick the best web hosting for a website
  • Online Security – What is an SSL Certificate? How to keep your website and its visitors safe!

Teachers, educators and students in the US can visit to learn how to claim a free domain and other products.

For those looking to dive deeper into what it takes to create a successful website or online business, it might be interesting to check out the series of online classes from Namecheap’s 2020 Expert Summit. Here you can find SEO and social media tips, as well as online advertising basics, business blogging ideas, UX research and much more.

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