Nathaniel Cassidy of 3ManFactory on UKFast

3ManFactory Case Study – Nathaniel Cassidy, founder, MD.

3ManFactory has established itself as a key player in the northern digital marketing sector, and has partnered with over 100 clients since its inception just three years ago.

However, its hosting solution has always left a lot to be desired — until it began working with UKFast.

Nathaniel said: “All of our previous solutions were unprofessional; they were small scale, they couldn’t adapt to our needs and we had outages all the time. This didn’t just impact our customers; our developers work all through the night, and these constant outages were restricting them massively and in turn was slowing down our output.

“We work on over 100 websites, so we didn’t go into switching solutions lightly. We asked around and did plenty of research into who we should migrate to. The resounding answer was UKFast.

“The thing that sold it for me was the idea of totally managed hosting; the headaches I’d been having with our previous provider stemmed from me having no knowledge of hosting. Knowing UKFast would take care of everything for me was a huge, huge positive.”

And it isn’t just managed hosting that has seen 3ManFactory prosper since switching hosting providers.

“Knowing UKFast works with famous, household names gives me confidence that whatever we need, we’ll be supported,” said Nathaniel. “Our server copes perfectly with everything we’ve thrown at it, but I know we’re just scratching the surface in terms of its capabilities.

“Working with UKFast has also helped us in the tendering process thanks to its green credentials. We’ve won clients on that basis alone. I never thought as green credentials as a benefit before; now it’s something I’d never want to be without.”

As 3ManFactory looks to expand its team and its breadth of services further, it does so with the support of UKFast. But it won’t be spreading that news quickly!

“The biggest difference I’ve experienced since working with UKFast is that I’m no longer worrying,” said Nathaniel. “Previously, I was always gearing up to go and explain to 20 clients why their website was down again. The fact it happened once was bad enough, never mind ten times. So to now be totally relieved of that worry is fantastic.

“I’d recommend UKFast without hesitation, because it’s such a serious, professional contender’s solution — but I don’t really want to give our winning edge secret away! UKFast are our trump card against our competitors, without a doubt.”

Duration: 3:50
Publisher: UKFast
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