NephoScale Adds SSD/10Gbps Hybrid Cloud Hosting Service to Its Offerings

NephoScale, a cloud hosting provider headquartered in San Jose, CA, has added a SSD/10 Gbps Hybrid Compute cloud hosting service to its IaaS cloud portfolio. The new Hybrid Compute service features SSD powered virtual servers and bare metal servers, as well as scalable cloud storage services.

Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale

“With the addition of this new innovative cloud hosting service, NephoScale is changing the game in IaaS cloud computing with an unmatched combination of price and performance,” said Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale. “By developing our own advanced software-defined-networking (SDN) and Hybrid Compute technology, and extensively leveraging open source software and commodity hardware, NephoScale is continually pushing performance levels up while driving costs down, thus giving our customers the best of both worlds in cloud computing.”

The new NephoScale Hybrid Compute service offers:

  •     SSD-powered virtual servers based on NephoScale Cloudlet technology.
  •     SSD-powered BareMetal dedicated servers based on NephoScale NephOS provisioning technology.
  •     10 Gbps Elastic Networking services.
  •     Scalable and redundant cloud storage based on NephoScale ObjectStor technology.

All services can be provisioned using either the NephoScale web portal, REST API, or NephoScale CloudScript build language.

Some major differentiators of the NephoScale hybrid platform would be:

  •     Good price/performance ratio.
  •     Ultra high performance with SSD virtual/dedicated Hybrid Compute and 10 Gbps software defined networking (SDN).
  •     Same server images work for both Cloudlet virtual servers and BareMetal dedicated servers, across all data centers and regions.
  •     Private layer 2 broadcast domain between both virtual and dedicated servers, across all data centers and regions.
  •     ‘Single pane view’ web portal for all NephoScale cloud resources, across all data centers and regions.

hybrid-cloudFounded in 2010, NephoScale was started by a team of experienced cloud computing and cloud hosting services professionals. The NephOS cloud software stack is wholly owned and developed by NephoScale, and represents the team’s 4th generation cloud platform. NephOS is a turnkey software solution that enables companies to self-provision public cloud hosting, private cloud, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, and includes software-defined-networking, orchestration, inventory, billing, and ticketing systems.