Neptune Software Rolls Out Cloud Service of Its Digital Experience Platform

Neptune Software

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Neptune Software, an application development platform vendor with more than 600 enterprise customers and over 3 million licensed end users globally, has rolled out their Neptune DXP Cloud. It is a managed public cloud offering of the organization’s low-code app development platform.

Clients can transform their IT departments into innovation powerhouses that provide predictable business outcomes with the Neptune DXP Cloud, according to the company. It would ensure that they no longer have to deal with the technical difficulties of running a contemporary enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure.

Neptune DXP Cloud offers a secured and scalable technology stack based on Microsoft Azure with elastic and transparent, resource-based typing.

Customers of Neptune Software can use their existing subscription to run the Neptune DXP-Open Edition on the Neptune DXP Cloud. The service will be managed by Neptune Software’s cloud DevOps team. The underlying cloud infrastructure is operated by the DevOps experts at Neptune Software on the customers’ behalf ensuring business continuity. This would help clients in maintaining their focus on continuous innovations.

Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes

Photo Ole-André, CTO at Neptune Software
“Neptune DXP Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud stack with Kubernetes and Microsoft Azure as foundations, offering built-in scalability (up & down) and high-availability setups,” said Ole-André, CTO at Neptune Software.

Becour, a green energy market pioneer moved to Neptune DXP Cloud recently in order to boost and secure the release of their new product named Marbly. With Neptune Software end to end in development, Becour got a low-risk investment during their start-up phase. It also became possible to run all core business systems on the Neptune DXP Cloud.

Founder and CEO at Becour, Hans Petter Kildal, said that the toolset by Neptune is highly valuable for similar start-ups. One should go with Neptune software if they need rapid time-to-market growth. He further said that Neptune’s toolbox is completely reliable and it allows the customers to work beyond limitations. Mr. Kildal concluded by saying that Becour can efficiently use it with a few resources.

Neptune Software CTO, Ole-Andre Haugen, stated that Neptune DXP Cloud is a state-of-the-art cloud stack with Microsoft Azure and Kubernetes as foundations. It offers built-in scalability and high availability setups. He added that with the help of Neptune DXP Cloud, the organization can now add managed, public-cloud offerings to the existing deployment models (on-premises containerized and public clouds).

He ended his statement by saying that an important component facilitating hybrid IT landscapes is the Cloud Connectivity Service, which allows cross-communication between cloud solutions and on-premises backend systems, APIs, and microservices.

CEO’s Take

CEO at Neptune Software, Andreas Greyland Sulejewski, said that it is a natural progression of the organization’s strategy to further decrease the time-to-value for the customers and allows them to provide predictable business outcomes in just a few days. He also said that the latest offering is majorly focused on small and medium-sized businesses.

On a conclusive note, Mr. Greyland Sulejewski said that the teams at Neptune deliver continuous innovation, platform support, and infrastructure operations so that the customers can dedicate themselves to value-generating tasks instead of operating a modern cloud stack.