NetApp Expands Its Hybrid Cloud Solutions Portfolio

To help companies update their IT infrastructures, NetApp has announced expanded capabilities throughout its hybrid cloud portfolio. NetApp’s newest version of ONTAP for example includes improved ransomware protection, increased data management features, and NVMe/TCP support for faster performance. In addition, new digital wallet capabilities are introduced for NetApp Cloud Manager as well as enhanced data services for simplified hybrid cloud administration.

“The promised benefits of migrating to the cloud may be profound, but many IT departments are still working to overcome on-premises challenges, like managing the complexity and costs of moving data, protecting against ransomware, and ensuring reliable performance for critical applications,” said Brad Anderson, Executive Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Group, NetApp. “As the hybrid cloud specialist, NetApp can help enterprises move their digital transformation efforts forward to deliver business results faster and within budget – whether they are still developing a strategy or in the middle of executing large-scale migrations.”

Key hybrid cloud portfolio innovations announced by NetApp include:

Photo Brad Anderson, EVP Hybrid Cloud Group at NetApp
“Many IT departments are still working to overcome on-premises challenges, like managing the complexity and costs of moving data, protecting against ransomware, and ensuring reliable performance for critical applications,” said Brad Anderson, EVP Hybrid Cloud Group at NetApp.

ONTAP Data Management Software Enhancements – With the newest edition of ONTAP, businesses can protect themselves against ransomware attacks using machine learning, preemptive detection, and faster data recovery. With NVMe/TCP support, enhanced object storage capabilities, and simpler management, the new version provides enterprise-grade performance for SAN and contemporary applications. In addition, the forthcoming NetApp AFF A900, a next-generation high-resiliency all-flash system for business-critical applications, will be powered by this newest ONTAP version.

Enhanced Data Services – Organizations may benefit from increased mobility and insight into data service license consumption across a hybrid cloud with new digital wallet features offered in NetApp Cloud Manager, with prepayment of credits enabling faster setup to minimize procurement difficulties. Enhancements to NetApp Cloud Backup and Cloud Data Sense services, new customer-ready templates for Cloud Volumes ONTAP deployment, completely embedded Active IQ, and deeper connections with NetApp Cloud Insights and ONTAP software to support Kubernetes workloads are among the other new features.

More Flexible Consumption Options – Organizations continue to embrace NetApp Keystone Flex Subscription, an on-premises Storage-as-a-Service product with native cloud integration. Within barely over a year of its launch, the service has expanded to four continents, containing petabytes of capacity. NetApp has introduced a new freemium service tier for Cloud Volumes ONTAP, which gives users a fully featured, perpetual license to utilize ONTAP in the cloud for applications requiring less than 500GB of storage. Organizations may employ enterprise-grade data services for tiny workloads like Kubernetes clusters at no cost because of this consumption flexibility. An organization would only need to switch to a subscription model when the workload matures and scales.

More Accessible Hybrid Cloud Expertise – NetApp is also providing new Support and Professional Services solutions to make it simpler for clients to get professional help as they make the journey to hybrid cloud. NetApp is expanding its data center support approach to cloud services with SupportEdge Advisor for Cloud, which provides quick, direct access to qualified professionals. Organizations who want on-demand and continuous assistance while they migrate to a hybrid cloud can use NetApp Flexible Professional Services (FlexPS). NetApp clients can obtain the expert support they need to develop and create a data fabric strategy, install solutions, and optimize their hybrid cloud with predictable prices and no procurement delays with this new subscription-based offering.

“IDC’s research shows that approximately 70% of enterprise IT customers plan to modernize their storage infrastructures in the next two years to support next-generation workloads. But the key operational advantage will be in optimizing workload placement across traditional on-premises and cloud environments,” said Eric Burgener, Research Vice President, Infrastructure Systems Group at IDC. “As an industry leader with years of innovation and expertise delivering hybrid cloud solutions, NetApp is uniquely positioned to help enterprises transition to hybrid cloud models to achieve the scalability and flexibility they need to deliver critical data services and workload capabilities that drive business value.”