Netvantage Marketing Solutions Managers talk about 100% Uptime for marketing servers

I’m managing partner of Netvantage marketing, We are a search engine marketing firm located in East Lansing Michigan and we assist companies with improving their business through search engines . A typical problem statement for us is a company comes to us and says they can’t find their product or service on the first page rankings in Google. We assist them through both paid search management as well as assisting organic rankings.

Being an online marketing consulting firm its imperative that we had a strong website and then behind that strong foundation for that website to be hosted upon. We looked at a few different sources but we came through to Liquid Web. Just by knowing through our professional network how strong Liquid Web was. That led us to you narrowing down some of our choices. At the end of the the day we really liked what we heard and set up our account and haven’t looked back since.

Reliability in our industry is absolutely essential for a search engine marketing firm. We are in as competitive of an industry as imaginable. So having our site up every time Google comes to crawl our site is absolutely essential. If were not there then we don’t exist to Google and our rankings will suffer because of that. So the reliability 99.9% doesn’t quite cut it I believe hundred percent because we’ve been able to achieve great rankings in an extremely competitive environment in just under a year’s time.

When it comes to Liquid Web we haven’t had any problems, but we’ve had things that we’ve had to work through when it comes to launching our site and other email things that that we had to work through it as we started up our company. I’m able to pick up the phone and call somebody at 10:30, wait on hold about a half a second before I talk to a real person. A lot of times for me when I call to say hey you know I don’t know if this is it within your range of support but it might be some weird email issue, it could be an issue of integrating a Word document into our content management system. Rest assured the person I’m dealing with always almost every time knows the answer. To me that’s Heroic Support.

In terms of relying on Liquid Web Heroic Support one instance in particular that I can think of is when we made some changes to our URL structure on one of our blogs we couldn’t have afforded downtime and we were having some trouble with the content management system, it was more technical than our skill set allowed. We got on the phone quickly with Liquid Web, and in a matter of 15 minutes our problems were solved, our URLs looked perfect and we didn’t have any issues. So another example of Heroic Support.

Duration: 2:25
Publisher: Liquid Web
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