Network Operator Eurofiber Creates New ‘Cloud Infrastructure’ Business Unit

Eurofiber, owner/operator of a 38,000KM fiberoptic network covering the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France while stretching into Germany, has announced that its Dataplace and DCspine businesses are now part of a single ‘Cloud Infrastructure’ business unit. The organizational changes would allow Eurofiber to capitalize on the market’s need for open cloud infrastructures.

As an international provider of digital infrastructure, Eurofiber’s strategy is built upon two pillars: fiberoptic connectivity and cloud infrastructure. Eurofiber’s former Group Director Products & Solutions, Daniel Danon, will lead the new business unit Eurofiber Cloud Infra as Managing Director. Jan Michiel Berkel, Managing Director at DCspine has been appointed as Commercial Director of Eurofiber Cloud Infra.

Photo Daniel Danon, Managing Director
Daniel Danon, Managing Director. Danon (43) joined Eurofiber in March 2020 as Group Director Products & Solutions. Earlier, Daniel held various senior management roles in both Liberty Global and Vodafone Hungary.

‘Especially for cloud infrastructure, the market is changing rapidly. Market needs are rapidly transforming from classic colocation and connectivity to hybrid cloud solutions, adding virtual platforms for optimal flexibility and scalability,” said Daniel Danon, MD at Eurofiber Cloud Infra. “At Eurofiber we are ideally equipped to meet these market needs, as we continue to expand our service portfolio and our reach across the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany. To serve our extending customer base in the best way possible, we bring our subsidiaries Dataplace and DCspine under one Cloud Infrastructure umbrella. With this, we are able to bring our customers and partners a complete set of cloud infra components to enable their digital enterprise.”

“It includes DCspine’s automated network across its extensive DC to DC presence (78 datacenters across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany) and Dataplace’s six state of the art Tier III datacenters covering the full colocation and digital infrastructure portfolio,” added Mr. Danon. “The cloud infra division opens to partners the entire cloud connectivity and infrastructure portfolio of the Eurofiber Group.”

Offering Integrated Solutions

Photo Jan Michiel Berkel
Jan Michiel Berkel (37) was an M&A advisor at Deloitte, after which he joined Eurofiber as a senior manager in 2014. In 2018, Berkel founded data center interconnectivity provider DCspine, which he led ever since.

“Soon, both DCspine and Dataplace will integrate Eurofiber subsidiary MatrixMind’s CloudHub platform into their solutions,” said Jan Michiel Berkel. “This enables customers to manage their (hybrid) cloud environment quickly, simply and securely from a large number of locations in the Netherlands and Belgium. Now that we have formed a cloud infra business unit, we further extend our capacity to provide our customers with open infrastructure services that allow them to support securely and reliably their own digital strategy.”

Eurofiber, Dataplace, and DCspine will be able to operate independently in the market even after they merge as a company. With the Cloud Infra business unit, Eurofiber expects to be able to provide integrated services whenever necessary. In addition, the business divisions will continue to offer colocation, interconnection, or cloud connectivity services, but only if requested by clients. Because Dataplace and DCspine are independent, there would be no difference in pricing or other circumstances for internal or external clients going forward.