Eurofiber, owner/operator of a 38,000KM fiberoptic network covering the Netherlands, Belgium and Northern France while stretching into Germany, is expanding its portfolio with software technology SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network). The launch of this new service provides organizations with access to a fully managed, application-aware and secure network between their branches and the cloud.

SD-WAN replaces the manual management of a Wide Area Network (WAN) with smart software, enabling the management and implementation of changes from one central location with almost ‘the push of a button’. For organizations, this means that services can be delivered faster and adjustments to IT and business processes, such as network scaling, can be made quickly and efficiently.

Hybrid Network

Eurofiber has many years of experience with WAN environments. The combination of the Eurofiber fiber-optic network and the latest SD-WAN technology would offer a unique combination, in which Internet and private Ethernet can be combined in a hybrid network.

Eurofiber Group consists of: Eurofiber and DCspine (in the Netherlands and Belgium), Dataplace (the Netherlands), FullSave, Eurafibre, ATE and Eura DC (France). Eurofiber companies Dataplace, FullSave and Eura DC operate ten colocation data centers in the Netherlands and France. Alongside their fiberoptic network and data center infrastructure, they also offer solutions for interconnectivity between almost all the high-quality carrier-neutral data centers in the Netherlands and Belgium, using the DCspine platform.

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