Network Service Provider, Mod Mission Critical, Launches Global Colocation Solution

global-colocation-modMod Mission Critical (‘MOD’), a global network service provider headquartered in Lone Tree, Colorado, has announced the availability of its Colocation by the ‘U’ solution in data centers across Ashburn, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, Mexico City, New York, Phoenix, San Jose, Toronto and Sydney, with future deployments scheduled in Amsterdam, Chicago, Denver, London, Miami, São Paulo and Seattle.

The new colocation solution provides users with colocation options available by the single rack unit – approximately 1.75 inches of vertical cabinet space – in secured, controlled data center facilities across most major and emerging markets. Unlike half-cabinet minimum commitments required by traditional data center and colocation providers, MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ would allow customers to fully customize their space requirements based on specific business needs.

18 major markets

The network provider’s data center presence spans over 100 facilities around the globeMOD combines facilities and non-facilities-based assets to deliver its comprehensive network solutions, including wholesale IP, international private lines, submarine cable capacity, layer 2-network access, and layer 3 network solutions across the world. Its own facilities-based network coverage area includes San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington, D.C. / Ashburn, VA, Miami and Chicago.

“We are excited to deploy our Colo by the ‘U’ solution, soon to be available globally across 18 major markets,” said Michael Hollander, Managing Partner for MOD. “MOD’s Colo by the ‘U’ fills a growing gap in today’s marketplace, enabling customers to pay only for the cabinet space they require while also allowing them to scale readily and cost-effectively should their colocation requirements change.”