Neustar Security Services Unveils Ultra DNS2 for Managing DNS


Neustar Security Services recently unveiled the ULtraDNS2. It is a set of DNS resolution global anycast networks working “seamlessly” in order to offer high scale redundancy and better availability of DNS resolution services. The latest offering by Neustar can be bought from the market as a bundle, so that the second network, Ultra DNS2, is available exclusively for Ultra DNS customers.

Two networks are offered by UltraDNS2 that have identical capabilities but different network operations, provisioning, automation, peering, and routing regulations. Organizations can lower the risk of operational and resolution failure and accomplish their business continuity and disaster recovery goals for DNS by integrating UltraDNS2 with an independent, highly redundant second network alongside the current UltraDNS infrastructure.

Additionally, using two independent networks supported by a single vendor allows individual management for the DNS infrastructure. Moreover, it would also decrease the cost of ownership by eradicating the cost and complexity of managing a separate second provider. This whole process would remove the requirement for companies to create and maintain their own methodologies for managing DNS over two providers. Not only this, it would also remove the complexity of contracting and reduce the mean time needed to repair by assigning troubleshooting to a single provider.

Cyberattacks on DNS services

The cost of poor online asset protection is increasing along with the rapid surge in the number of cyberattacks against DNS services with every passing day. Businesses that conduct e-commerce are particularly susceptible to a variety of DNS-related threats, such as hijacked DNS requests that send users to fraudulent websites, costing the company loss in sales or around $3500 to $220,000 per minute and harm to its brand image, according to Neustar. Apart from that, a few DDoS attacks also lock out customers and then start demanding them to pay a ransom to get back the access.

However, as businesses of all types become more dependent on web-based technology, it is not just e-commerce companies that are harmed; the cost of downtime is increasing significantly for all corporations. The cost of an hour of mission-critical server downtime, in terms of lost revenue, diminished productivity, and remediation efforts, averaged more than $300,000 for 91 percent of enterprises and exceeded $1 million for 44 percent of organisations, according to a 2021 independent poll by ITIC.

DDoS Protection

UltraDNS2 was created to address the need for independence and isolation without the additional work of administering various control interfaces and incompatible advanced features. UltraDNS2 would decrease the operating costs for customers by directing the DNS content sent by both networks from a single control plane, API, and portal. The invoicing, reporting, and product features of UltraDNS2 are all similar to those of UltraDNS, and all of UltraDNS’ advanced capabilities are fully compatible with both networks.

UltraDNS2 is guarded against DDoS attacks by one of the biggest dedicated data cleaning networks in the world, UltraDDoS Protect, which provides 12+ terabits per second of DDoS mitigation. In order to introduce UltraDNS2, which supports an additional 18 nodes on a global level, Neustar Security Services has made considerable investments in the business’ network infrastructure. Geographic and Internet topology diversity were taken into consideration while deciding where to locate these points of presence.