Neustar Unveils Its New DDoS Defense Network, SiteProtect NG

Neustar Cloud-security DDoS protectionNeustar, a global information services provider delivering real-time identity systems and cloud-based workflow solutions, has launched SiteProtect NG (Next Generation) – its new solution to protect brands against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

SiteProtect NG would break with the tradition of designing network protection that makes use of a high volume of small scrubbing centers with fewer, highly fortified and highly connected locations. SiteProtect NG network has deployed large, full scale, nodes, each with its multi-terabit scrubbing capacity in North America, Europe, and Asia with South America, Africa, Australia, and India slated for early 2018.

“Years of experience and cybersecurity engineering capabilities have gone into the development of the SiteProtect NG defense network and operating portal,” said Barrett Lyon, Vice President, Research and Development, Neustar Security Solutions. “Neustar is investing in the future of DDoS defense from an architectural standpoint and sees the expansion and closer integration of its security solutions portfolio as a long-term strategic commitment for the company. Neustar’s clients have the best protection, best user experience, broadest selection of configurations, and powerful analytics at their disposal. DDoS attacks will continue to present brands across the globe with significant challenges to their operational efficiency for the foreseeable future, and our investment in mitigation solutions will continue at pace.”

Web Application Firewall

The company’s purpose-built DDoS mitigation solution is designed to meet the security requirements of all brands, on-premise and in the cloud, to deal with the “next generation” of cyber threats. The upgraded product adds Neustar’s WAF (web application firewall) solution to the Neustar SiteProtect solution to extend network protection to the application layer. A new real-time user interface would provide consolidated in-depth trend analysis and give brands access to attack forensics not available through traditional defense services.

“Future proofing mitigation networks to stop attacks before they reach their target destination will save brands billions each year from the impact of DDoS attacks,” said Rodney Joffe, Senior Vice President and Fellow, Neustar. “Neustar’s R&D spend is reflective of the very real need to continually innovate in the face of such adversity and today protects thousands of brands from an increasingly diverse threat landscape. Neustar SiteProtect NG is a product that leverages the latest innovations in Internet security and evolves to meet existing and future requirements.”