Neutral Internet Exchange NL-ix Opens PoP in Interxion’s Marseille MRS1 Data Center

Netherlands based neutral Internet Exchange, NL-ix, has opened an Internet Exchange PoP in Interxion’s (NYSE:INXN) Marseille MRS1 data center. The distributed model of NL-ix enables networks to peer and exchange traffic with other networks no matter where in Europe they are connected to the exchange.

For an African, Middle East or Asian network it means that connecting to the NL-ix data center PoP in Marseille enables them to immediately peer and exchange traffic with all 530+ networks connected to NL-ix anywhere in Europe.

Marseille is an important landing station for a large number of important subsea cables making it a key gateway to and from the African, Middle East and Asian regions. Currently most of the traffic in demand in these regions is content that is already available in Europe. With the projected growth of Internet traffic in the African, Middle East and Asian regions to run into double digits for the coming years, Marseille would be an increasingly important strategic hub in the distribution of content to African, Middle Eastern and Asian eyeball networks.

nl-ix“The strategic location of this new PoP in combination with the distributed nature of NL-ix opens up new opportunities for both European based content networks and eyeball networks from the African, Asian and Middle East regions,“ said Jan Hoogenboom, founder of NL-ix. “Opportunities to cut costs and improve the quality of the Internet experience for the fast growing number of users in the regions.“


NL-ix currently interconnects almost 90 carrier neutral data centers in 11 European countries, by a fully meshed “low latency” network. With over 530 members already connected and with peak traffic at 1.5Tbps, NL-ix is one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world.

Interxion MRS1 is a rapidly growing community of over 100 network service providers, CDNs and content providers,” said Mike Hollands, Director, Connectivity, Interxion. “NL-ix’s innovative platform is a very welcome addition to this interconnection hub, and provides our customers with a unique solution for transporting content between Marseille and key European cities.“

NL-ix’s pan-European Wide Area IX not only reaches the major Internet hubs like Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Paris but is wide spread in Europe covering key metro markets in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.