New Cloud Encryption Solution Released by CloudLock

cloud-encryption-solution-cloudlockCloudLock, a cloud security provider headquartered in Waltham, Massachusetts, has launched CloudLock Selective Encryption, a content-aware AES 256-bit cloud encryption solution that allows enterprises to protect their sensitive data stored across multiple SaaS and public cloud hosting platforms.

CloudLock Selective Encryption is the latest advancement in CloudLock’s suite of content-aware compliance and security offerings. Leveraging a people-centric approach to security, the new solution non-disruptively encrypts only the most sensitive data and allows for both end-user driven encryption as well as corporate-governed encryption, enforced by CloudLock’s cloud-based policy engine.

CloudLock’s detection and response capabilities provide risk-appropriate security controls, allowing customers to enforce higher levels of data security for only the data that requires it. The new cloud encryption solution will be unveiled this week during the 2014 RSA Conference in San Francisco, CA in the CloudLock booth (#2135).

Governance and regulatory compliance

CloudLock detects sensitive data (e.g., PII, PCI, HIPAA, intellectual property, and other business-critical assets), and allows the largest organizations in the world to extend enterprise compliance and security policies to a public cloud hosting environment in order to enforce governance and regulatory compliance. The company’s solution does not require reconfiguration of cloud applications or re-routing of network traffic through single point-of-failure gateways or proxies.

“We’ve heard from hundreds of our customers that the gateway-based and reverse-proxy solutions out there require heavy deployments, are highly prone to breaking cloud apps, and are often unavailable from mobile apps,” said Ron Zalkind, CTO & Co-Founder at CloudLock. “CloudLock is provisioned completely in the cloud, in minutes and is completely seamless to end-users.”