New Co-Branded DreamFactory-Verizon Solutions Portal Enables Developers to Build Applications with RESTful Services

The new co-branded DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal enables developers to use DreamFactory hosted on the Verizon Cloud to connect with multiple backend databases and services, and auto-generate REST APIs to power their enterprise applications.

The DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal would make it easy for developers to evaluate cloud-based back-end functionality and easily deploy applications to a full enterprise-scale production environment on the Verizon Cloud.

Once developers have tested these RESTful services on the free portal, they can move these backend workloads into scalable development, test, and production deployments on Verizon Cloud – the company’s enterprise-grade Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting platform.

verizon-cloud“DreamFactory and Verizon Partner Solutions are making it much easier for application developers to get the RESTful services they need on a secure cloud foundation,” said Bill Appleton, CEO of DreamFactory Software. “Securely accessing legacy data, particularly data in SQL databases, is a big challenge that constrains enterprise application development and innovation. The DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal integrates our respective capabilities to simplify development and enable easy progression into production environments on Verizon’s enterprise-class cloud platform.”

The developer portal would also empower developers with free, cloud-hosted sandboxes, or dedicated workspaces, that would offer the following benefits:

  • Instant access to REST APIs for any data source, regardless of location.
  • Multi-level security that offers a secure way to access data sources, including legacy databases, for development, test, and production. Access privileges are governed via multiple security mechanisms, including user management, single-sign on, and role-based and record-level access controls.
  • Client SDKs for popular HTML5 and JavaScript frameworks, as well as native iOS and Android development.
  • Easy progression into production environments on the Verizon Cloud via single-click installation of DreamFactory packaged by Bitnami.

“As developers increasingly adopt cloud-first strategies, we are making it easier for them to rapidly access data and integrate APIs without having to migrate backend resources prior to development, testing, and production,” said Quintin Lew, senior vice president of marketing, Verizon Partner Solutions. “The DreamFactory-Verizon Partner Solutions portal will accelerate the development of many enterprise applications that would otherwise require significant integration development resources.”