New DDR5 Memory Modules Released by Virtium

Industrial solid-state drive (SSD) and memory solutions provider, Virtium, has announced the availability of new DDR5 memory modules. These would offer improved signal integrity and stability for mission-critical and data-intensive applications, as well as higher performance, density, and power efficiency over previous DDR generations.

DDR5 has a theoretical maximum transfer rate that is twice as fast as DDR4. Because the supply voltage has been decreased from 1.2V to 1.1V, the overall power usage has been reduced. Furthermore, the power management function has been transferred to the DIMM, which eliminates duplicate power management circuitry on the motherboard for unused DIMM slots. Furthermore, because of its unique architecture, future chip density can increase from 16GB to 32GB and beyond, giving DDR5-enabled systems more headroom and future scalability.

Virtium’s new DRAM modules combine DDR5’s sophisticated technology with Virtium’s proprietary low-profile design placement technology, as well as rigorous manufacturing and testing methods, to ensure that the company’s DDR5 modules can perform reliably in even the most extreme operating conditions. The new DDR5 memory is designed for high-bandwidth workloads in high-performance computing (HPC) applications such cloud data centers, networks, and edge deployments.

Virtium’s new DDR5 memory modules will be available in the first quarter of 2022.

Intel, AMD, Zen4 Genoa

Photo Duc Do
“Virtium has been designing, manufacturing and perfecting memory modules for more than 25 years,” said Duc Do, Senior VP of Worldwide Sales at Virtium.

“Virtium has been designing, manufacturing and perfecting memory modules for more than 25 years,” said Duc Do, Senior VP of Worldwide Sales at Virtium. “Our products are built to the highest quality standards to deliver the compatibility, high performance, and high reliability that leading global OEM companies demand. Virtium products are designed with the highest-grade components including server-grade DRAM and are sourced from leading component suppliers to ensure continuity of supply. In addition, all memory modules are subjected to specialized burn-in and rigorous testing processes, resulting in the highest reliability and lowest DPPM rates in the industry.”

Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake mobile CPUs, Intel’s Sapphire Rapids, AMD’s AM5 platform, and Zen4 Genoa processors will all be supported by the new industrial DDR5 memory modules released by Virtium. The vendor provides 4800MT/s and 5600MT/s solutions while it claims the highest product availability and a low overall cost of ownership. Furthermore, the new high-capacity DDR5 memory modules would have higher power efficiency than DDR4 memory modules.

To sum up, key features of Virtium’s new DDR5 memory modules include:

  • Form Factors: RDIMM, UDIMM and SODIMM
  • Capacity ranges from 8GB up to 256GB
  • Full industrial temperature (-40ºC to 85ºC), shock and vibration support
  • JEDEC standard PC5-4800 (4800MT/s) and PC5-5600 (5600MT/s)
  • Provide locked bill-of-materials and advanced product change notification for five years
  • Ruggedization options including underfill and conformal coating