New Dedicated Servers EUKhost Now Come With Free Server Monitoring

As part of eUKhost’s September product refresh, all its dedicated servers now come with free Server Monitoring and SMS notifications service, with the company’s highest-end servers now including Enterprise Monitoring with 1 minute ping and 3 minute service monitoring intervals as standard.

The new dedicated servers from eUKhost, a UK provider of web hosting solutions since 2001, now also come with up to 128 GB RAM and Dual Hexa core processors to deliver high performance – suitable for the most demanding web applications and requirements.

dedicated-servers-eukhosteUKhost’s server monitoring platform not only monitors server hardware, but also the network devices that a server relies on. It constantly monitors server uptime, hardware and disk I/O performance, RAID health, partition usage and much more. The platform reports back its findings with detailed graphs and statistics to help customers have the perfect picture of their server’s ongoing health and performance. If a problem is ever found, clients are instantly notified.

SMS notifications service

Alongside this new dedicated server offering with free server monitoring, eUKhost recently announced its new SMS notifications service. eUKhost customers can enable SMS notifications for free updates on upcoming invoices, new order set ups, domains that are expiring, security notices when client account details are changed (such as a password) and exclusive eUKhost promotions.

With over 35,000 customers worldwide, eUKhost serves over two million websites across two UK data centers, in Maidenhead and Milton Keynes.

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