New EDB Postgres Failover Manager 2.1 Designed for Managing High Availability Architectures

EnterpriseDB (EDB), an enterprise Postgres database company, has announced the release of EDB Postgres Failover Manager 2.1. The new release would include essential new capabilities for helping customers manage high availability configurations.

“Our customers rely on the EDB Postgres Platform to meet their needs for a highly available Postgres deployment,” said Marc Linster, Ph.D., Senior Vice President, Products and Services, EnterpriseDB. “With this release of EDB Failover Manager, we provide them with greater flexibility to specify instructions on failure and new capabilities supporting zero downtime maintenance.”

edb postgress enterprisedbEDB Postgres Failover Manager would provide “highly available fault tolerant” database clusters that significantly reduce downtime and keep data available and online when a master database server fails. It provides cluster monitoring, failure detection, and failover mechanisms that can be integrated into a variety of stringent high 9s-based high availability solutions. The new release features:

  • Controlled switchover and switchback – The ability to execute this process preserves the viability of the master node while assigning it to replica status as another replica is promoted to master. This would be valuable during testing high availability and disaster recovery procedures or performing maintenance tasks.
  • Additional configuration options – EDB has enhanced EDB Postgres Failover Manager with more configuration options to make integration with existing environments easier. For example, EDB Failover Manager can now trigger customer-supplied scripts to send notifications to real-time chat rooms or via SNMP in addition to email notifications. Also, the solution now includes additional trigger points so DBAs can create a wider range of instructions to be executed in the event of a failure or other event.

The EnterpriseDB Postgres Failover Manager is a major component of the EDB Postgres Management Suite that is included with and integrated into the EDB Postgres Platform. The new release is available for download with PostgreSQL and EDB Postgres Advanced Server, the database options included with the EDB Postgres Platform.