New Enterprise NVMe SSDs Now Available from Inspur

Inspur servers

Through PCIe 4.0 ultra-wide channel and ZNS (Zoned Namespace) storage, IT infrastructure solutions provider Inspur has released a new generation of Enterprise NVMe SSDs. These are based on an innovative NAND algorithm that would extend flash memory lifespans by 40 percent while achieving 1.6 million IOPS per drive.

Inspur’s storage system was ranked first in the SPC-1 benchmark test for storage performance, and this SSD technology has improved Inspur’s core competitiveness for storage in terms of reliability, performance, and system-level joint debugging and optimization.

Inspur pursued breakthroughs in SSD technology to produce a new generation of Enterprise NVMe SSD to manage massive volumes of data. Inspur claims its new SSD offering to be extremely reliable and fast, while it can optimize the entire chain from protocols to storage medium.

This new SSD uses an AI-powered NAND feature management algorithm that identifies NAND characteristics and sends them to a platform where they are modeled and tuned to provide the highest read voltage. According to Inspur, the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) of SSDs is increased to 2.6 million hours as a result of this.

1.5 Million IOPS

Inspur’s new SSD solution can provide for maximum performance while lowering power consumption. When compared to earlier generations, according to Inspur, the dynamic 8-level power consumption adjustment method may enhance power consumption watt-level adjustment on NAND media, boosting energy efficiency by about 70 percent.

Furthermore, the new-generation PCIe 4.0 SSD’s random read speed is increased to 1.5 million IOPS thanks to the expanded channel between NAND and the controller.

Furthermore, the new SSD solution can help the storage system optimize its performance. By adjusting the read/write ratio model for various circumstances, the IO routes between the storage system and the SSD may be linked, resulting in a 30 percent increase in total system performance.

Inspur’s enterprise-grade SSDs are widely used within Internet, banking, telecommunications, and other industries. The vendor incorporates cutting-edge SSD technologies such as ZNS storage and key-value storage into public cloud scenarios to make SSDs more flexible to solutions, improving the public cloud user experience significantly.