Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently unveiled a number of updates regarding the HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio. The company is focusing on creating new partnerships by adding three new services to the HPE GreenLake cloud offering, including cloud services for bare metal, virtual machines and containers.

HPE offers solutions for hybrid cloud management via its HPE GreenLake cloud services. As of now, HPE has a contract value of $4.5 billion, and the annualized run rate (ARR) of the product increased by 27%, which is a considerable figure. Quite some partners including managed service providers (MSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), and systems integrators (SIs) have already acknowledged GreenLake as a platform that helped in their digital modification.

Photo Keith White, Senior Vice President and General Manager
HPE GreenLake Senior Vice President and General Manager Keith White said that the company continues to create new solutions for improving the cloud experience for clients.

HPE has now rolled out three new HPE GreenLake Cloud Services that tend to offer smaller entry points to customers.

HPE GreenLake Senior Vice President and General Manager Keith White said that the company continues to create new solutions for improving the cloud experience for clients and helping them in their digital transformation at the same time. He further mentioned that the HPE partner ecosystem plays a key role in what the company has achieved so far.

Most of the partners would use HPE GreenLake in their business models to provide a super smooth service to their clients. Mr. White concluded his statement by saying that HPE is bringing a revolution in the market by providing proper control and flexibility for hybrid cloud environments.

HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, New Additions

Here we will discuss in brief about the three new services additions to the HPE GreenLake portfolio.

  • HPE GreenLake cloud services for bare metal – This service will let the customer determine, provision and, manage all the resources related to computing and storage in the HPE GreenLake Central. This process will allow running the workloads directly on the servers and it will even let the customers use containers or virtual machines to get the best available option that suits their business. This service will make sure that the customers get completely customized platforms for their configuration requirements and according to their costs.
  • HPE GreenLake cloud services for virtual machines – From a series of deployments, the customer will be free to choose the most appropriate one. The customers will get access to more than 200 Virtual Machines in blocks with 4, 8, 12 and, even 16 computing nodes.
  • HPE GreenLake cloud service for containers – This one uses the same principles on which bare metal is based on. It offers solutions for different sized HPE Ezmeral Container Platform including small, medium, large and extra-large ones.

Other Major Developments

Apart from adding new cloud services, HPE is also partnering with CyrusOne and initiate a collaboration with a digital infrastructure provider named Equinix. This means that all the joint customers can now handle HPE GreenLake, Equinix, and CyrusOne with a single invoice. This is surely going to boost the pace of the procurement process, says HPE.

Moreover, the organization has also introduced some necessary updates for HPE GreenLake Central so that the partner brands can easily make their way forward towards growing at a better speed.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise or HPE is a market-leading edge to cloud platform that helps other companies in boosting outcomes by enhancing the value of their data. HPE offers unique and intelligent technology solutions to help their customers in attracting new business.

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