New Jersey-based Englewood Hospital Selects Iron Mountain to Host its Data Center

Englewood Hospital and Medical Center, located in New Jersey, will lease data center space within Iron Mountain’s underground colocation facility located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Iron Mountain’s underground data center’s superior physical security, reliability and resiliency were key considerations for Englewood Hospital during the selection process.

With the addition of Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology, a new picture archiving and communication system (PACS), and a Vendor Neutral Archive, Englewood Hospital’s IT leadership recognized that the exploding data growth and resulting power density requirements created capacity challenges in the hospital’s existing internal data center.

colocation-healthcareFurthermore, the hospital wanted to ensure that they were prepared and could recover quickly if struck by a disaster. In order to address capacity constraints and faster Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs), the hospital’s IT leadership decided to partner with Iron Mountain for a second data center location.

Englewood Hospital was already familiar with Iron Mountain as an existing customer of data management services, including cloud-based storage and offsite tape vaulting, and was confident that the same secure and compliant processes would extend into the company’s colocation services offering.

Healthcare compliance

“Shortly after our PACS implementation, we realized our onsite data center would soon be over capacity,” said Ronald J. Fuschillo, chief information officer, Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. “From a capital expense perspective, colocation was the right approach versus building our own data center. But we could not compromise security or compliance. We sought an offsite data center provider that could meet our stringent compliance and disaster recovery requirements. For the past three years, we have trusted Iron Mountain with our cloud storage and offsite tape vaulting needs so adding their data centers operations seemed to be a natural fit.”

colocation-pittsburghEnglewood Hospital’s IT team has created an additional disaster recovery site by using Iron Mountain’s colocation facility to deploy an Active/Active solution and improve the hospital’s everyday performance while reducing inefficiencies. The solution would eliminate bandwidth contention by providing hospital staff access to applications at the hospital’s onsite data center and remote clinics access to the second data center site at the Iron Mountain colocation facility.

Additionally, the system allows for failover if one site becomes inoperable due to a disaster. Englewood Hospital is also leveraging Iron Mountain’s Total Network Services for a high-quality connectivity solution and improving efficiencies to its data center.