New KVM Product Raritan Extends Reach of Remote Server Management To 3,300 Ft

Raritan, an intelligent data center management and rack power distribution solutions supplier part of listed global company Legrand, has launched its Cat5 Reach DVI HD KVM Extender solution. This new Raritan solution extends up to 3,300 feet the reach of KVM management to servers, PCs, and other devices. The extended access-and-control capabilities would provide more flexibility and boost productivity within a data center environment.

The new data center management solution includes a transmitter and receiver pair for use with a Cat5 cable. By plugging a keyboard, video, and mouse into the Raritan Extender receiver, IT administrators can place the user console anywhere from 330 to 3,300 feet away from the target server or device to be managed. IT administrators, for example, can use the Raritan Extender to access equipment in a nearby control room or an area adjacent to a data center.

Raritan Extender’s remote access-and-control capabilities would also help minimize risk by enabling users to store PCs, servers, and KVM switches in secured, non-harsh environments – as well as eliminate physical trips to equipment rooms.

Like other Raritan offerings, Raritan’s KVM Extender would deliver high-quality HD video resolution for a great user experience. The Extender provides 1920×1200@60Hz and 1080p@60fps (frames per second) video quality.

“Our KVM solutions are designed to help IT teams manage more – servers, devices, locations, technology platforms – manage more efficiently, and do it securely and from anywhere it is convenient,” said Richard Dominach, Director of Product Management at Raritan. “It’s a huge productivity boost for IT administrators.”

The Raritan Cat5 Reach DVI HD – which supports DVI, VGA and audio output – is available worldwide through Raritan’s extensive distribution channel.

Raritan KVM Switches

Raritan’s KVM switches can be found in data centers around the world. Designed for customers requiring secured server access from anywhere, Raritan’s flagship KVM switch, the Dominion KX III, enables multiple IT administrators – remote and local users – to access multiple servers. They provide BIOS-level access, so that all servers, including blades, are always accessible – even if a server’s operating system is not working.

The KX III also enables remote installation of software, file transfers, data backup and diagnostics with its Universal Virtual Media feature, and can control power to servers with optional remote power strips. Raritan’s Dominion KX III includes security features such as a FIPS 140-2 certified cryptographic module, smart-card/CAC authentication, and IPv6. The Dominion KX III also features dual power supplies and dual gigabit Ethernet ports.

A global giant with an extensive data center solutions portfolio, Legrand has reported sales of $6.2 billion in 2017. The company has a strong presence in North and Central America, with a portfolio of well-known market brands and product lines including Cablofil, Electrorack, Minkels, and Raritan.