New Macbooks, Retro Games, and Releases Galore | Cloud Chats: Episode 34

Catch the latest developer news, watch tech demos, play a game, and ask us anything in this week’s Cloud Chats, “New Macbooks, Retro Games, and Releases Galore.”

Co-hosts from DigitalOcean:
Chris Sev, Senior Developer Advocate
Kim Schlesinger, Developer Advocate
Mason Egger, Senior Developer Advocate
Matt Cowley, Community Platform Manager

0:00 Pre-show / cloud trivia
2:21 Hello world

7:48 So many releases!
8:42 Nim 1.6.0 release
10:06 Crystal 1.2.0 release
12:00 Parcel v2 released
14:23 V8 9.6 released
15:57 Node 17.0.0 released
17:50 OpenBSD 7.0 released
21:03 Ubuntu 21.10 released
23:04 Windows Package Manager 1.1 released
24:46 Apple releases new Macbook Pros

32:27 Apple joins the Blender Development Fund
33:16 Microsoft to stop using Electron for Teams
39:26 Firefox 93 adds support for datetime-local input
41:25 Sentry donated $154,999.89 to open source maintainers
42:48 Retro game ported to iOS
45:40 deploy: the virtual conference for global development teams []

47:10 True or false: fall/autumn
47:49 Word of the week: Checksum

1:05:28 User Inyerface

1:18:09 What’s on your mind
1:28:11 Upcoming events
1:29:00 Hacktoberfest 2021: The Big Push []

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