New Network-as-a-Service Enhancements Released by Juniper

Juniper Networks booth

As a provider of secured, AI-driven networking solutions, Juniper Networks has unveiled new Network as a Service (NaaS) enhancements to their industry-leading AIOps platform that would make it easier for Juniper MSPs and reseller partners to deploy and manage wired, wireless, and secure SD-WAN network services.

By combining best-in-class platform capabilities, such as a microservices cloud, open APIs and Mist AI, with new NaaS capabilities for easily procuring cloud services, managing cloud subscription licenses and assuring the best user experiences across diverse locations, the Juniper AI-driven Enterprise would bring even more flexibility, agility and insight to Juniper’s networking partners.

“Juniper’s unique ability to combine cloud agility, flexibility and scale with AI-driven automation and insight has always made the AI-driven Enterprise portfolio ideal for our partners,” said Gordon Mackintosh, Group Vice President, Global Channels and Virtual Sales at Juniper Networks. “As a result, both MSPs and resellers have played a big role in the tremendous growth we have seen to date. By making it even easier for these partners to obtain and manage full stack networking services via the Juniper Mist cloud, our new NaaS capabilities promise to accelerate this momentum and increase our campus and branch market share.”

Juniper Mist Platform

Gordon Mackintosh, Group VP, Global Channels and Virtual Sales at Juniper Networks
“Juniper’s unique ability to combine cloud agility, flexibility and scale with AI-driven automation and insight has always made the AI-driven Enterprise portfolio ideal for our partners,” said Gordon Mackintosh, Group VP, Global Channels and Virtual Sales at Juniper Networks.

Juniper’s wired, wireless, security, and SD-WAN solutions would enable proactive insights and automation across the whole networking stack thanks to 6th generation Mist AI and a contemporary microservices cloud. According to Juniper, the greatest end-to-end user and operator experiences are guaranteed by customizable service levels with visibility down to the client, application, and session.

Additionally, fully configurable with open APIs, the Juniper Mist platform would ensure smooth connection with current NOC/SOC systems. Additionally, Juniper Networks extends visibility, threat intelligence, and policy enforcement to every point of connection, completely integrating security with the networking fabric.

Products currently delivered via a common cloud-hosted AI-driven solution include Juniper Mist wireless access points with Wi-Fi Assurance and indoor location subscription services, EX switches with Wired Assurance subscription service, Session Smart Routers and SRX firewalls with WAN Assurance subscription service and Marvis Virtual Network Assistant (VNA). The Juniper solution would be an appropriate platform for managed wired, wireless, security, and SD-WAN services since it is simple to implement, expand, and adapt to the demands of both large and small clients.

“Juniper is focused on delivering industry-leading AI-driven products and programs that facilitate the adoption of cloud-hosted networking services and provide numerous end-user and operator benefits,” said Bob Laliberte, Principal Analyst at ESG. “By delivering a cloud-like experience and subscription models for campus and branch environments, Juniper has increased their appeal to channel partners delivering managed services. These announcements also ensure end users have more flexibility in how they procure and manage unified wired, wireless, and SD-WAN services.”

Wired, Wireless and SD-WAN Network Management

To better support their partners’ ability to build, run, and manage services via the cloud, Juniper Network has added the following additional NaaS capabilities:

  • Common portal with AI-driven operations dashboard – With insights and automation powered by Mist AI, Juniper has successfully combined wired, wireless, and SD-WAN network administration into a single, cloud-based platform. A new dashboard powered by AI offers a comprehensive, multitenant view of the real-time functionality of wired, wireless, and encrypted SD-WAN networks (e.g., customizable service levels by location). With quicker problem resolution and fewer on-site visits, network operators would be able to continuously improve end-user experiences from the client to the cloud, which may save them time and money.
  • Flexible subscription management – Juniper makes operationalizing the administration of cloud subscription services simpler than ever. This most recent AI-driven enterprise solution would allow partners and clients to shift licenses “effortlessly” across hardware devices (in any location) to increase design flexibility and lower investment costs. All licenses are available in one place for scalable inventory management.
  • New payment and purchasing options – With new payment methods made accessible through Juniper Financial Services (JFS), Juniper Networks has updated conventional financial models for managed services. In addition to the previously offered 1-, 3-, and 5-year licenses, Juniper now provides periodic subscription services (e.g., monthly) on the AI-driven Enterprise portfolio. These choices, which include the capability to pay for a managed network service from both CAPEX and OPEX budgets, make it simpler than ever to make sure that the Juniper solution meets the demands of all partners and customers.