New Nexsan Unity Software Now Supports Object (S3) Protocol

Nexsan booth

StorCentric has announced Nexsan Unity Software v7.0. The latest version of Nexsan Unity Software supports the Object (S3) protocol. It also comes with data-centric security features like immutable snapshots and object locking. In comparison to Nexsan Unity version 6.1, this update would deliver up to a 40% performance boost, according to the company.

“The Nexsan Unity provides flexibility in data management, and provides a safe, effective backup solution for our clients,” said Jennifer Naughton, President at Radiant Resources, a Nexsan Unity Software client. Our firm has been providing IT solutions for nearly thirty years, and Unity offers our customers a proven solution for meeting their internal governance requirements, regulatory compliance mandates and data security needs. Now, with the addition of object store, additional security capabilities and performance enhancements, the platform has become an even more powerful solution.”

IDC recently stated, “In 2020, 64.2ZB of data was created or replicated, defying the systemic downward pressure asserted by the COVID-19 pandemic on many industries and its impact will be felt for several years.” IDC also stated, “The amount of digital data created over the next five years will be greater than twice the amount of data created since the advent of digital storage.”

This tremendous expansion in data, along with substantial changes in how we operate today and a quick rise in cybercrime, has pushed business data center administrators to meet new needs and problems, stated StorCentric. These concerns are addressed by the new Unity software upgrades. It would redefine how StorCentric channel partners and customers store, manage, and safeguard data at scale.

To sum up, key updates in the Nexsan Unity Software v7.0 would include:

Protocol Support

  • Object (S3) Protocol – Unity has evolved into a real unified solution that supports Block (iSCSI, FC), File (NFS, CIFS/SMB), and now Object (S3) protocols

Security, Compliance and Ransomware Protection

  • Immutable Snapshots – For data protection, Unity now supports immutable volume and file system snapshots. This ensures business continuity by providing secure point-in-time copies of data.
  • Object Locking – To make immutable copies of data, Unity now offers object locking, which enables bucket or object-level security for a given retention duration. This enables businesses to comply with regulatory, compliance, and other data protection standards.
  • Data Integrity – To avoid data corruption, Unity provides pool-scrubbing to detect and correct bit rot.

Performance Enhancements

  • Total Throughput has increased up to 13GB/s on the existing platforms
  • Up to 50% increase in Unity to Assureon Ingest Rate – It would help improve the Unbreakable Backup solution’s efficiency significantly

“Unity is a high availability data management solution designed specifically for enterprises. The Unity solutions feature flexible configurations providing for a broad range of capacity and performance requirements. Unity delivers the core enterprise features that are exactly what customers demand – all in a single platform,” said Surya Varanasi, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at StorCentric. “With the addition of immutable snapshots of volumes and file systems, customers can now create locked-down point-in-time copies of their data in order ensure the ability to recover data and resume operations quickly and seamlessly, in the face of a successful cyberattack, without ever having to pay a penny in ransom.”

Founded in 1999, Nexsan is a global provider of enterprise storage solutions. With a complete portfolio of unified storage, block storage, and secure archiving, its proprietary technology answers evolving, complicated corporate requirements. Nexsan is part of the StorCentric brand family.