OVHcloud is announcing a full refresh of its dedicated server product ranges in its U.S. data centers to align offerings with the OVHcloud world catalog. The new dedicated server product lines would address an increasing customer demand around performance while focusing on fundamental values such as “availability, flexibility, and affordability.”

The company’s refresh applies to its current ‘Infrastructure’ and ‘Game’ ranges and introduces the new ‘Advance’ and ‘Rise’ ranges. To address evolving business needs, OVHcloud’s new dedicated servers are designed with enhanced features. This would include powerful AMD Ryzen processors, improved network speeds and discounted pricing for 12- and 24- month term commitments.

The ‘Infrastructure’ range from OVHcloud comes with new “powerful” processors and network capabilities, including a 5Gbps vRack option, to build scalable infrastructure in complex environments. OVHcloud’s new Game servers are entirely based on the latest AMD Ryzen 3000 processor family together with “latest-generation” components to provide the highest performance in gaming.

OVHcloud’s new ‘Advance’ range is designed for small businesses that want versatile servers that fit their business needs. Whereas the ‘Rise’ range would be the most affordable dedicated server offered by OVHcloud. Their ‘HG’ and ‘Best Value’ servers also continue to be part of the US catalog.

“With these new dedicated server offerings, OVHcloud responds to an increasing customer demand for high performance and reliable servers with the most recent technology,” said Jeffrey Gregor, US General Manager, OVHcloud. “Our customers want the best bare metal solutions to run their business applications on a scalable infrastructure. They appreciate OVHcloud’s affordable and predictable prices which allow to deliver more value to their own customers.” 

Manufacturing its Own Servers

OVHcloud is one of the world’s largest (cloud) hosting providers. It manages 30 data centers across 12 sites in 4 continents, manufacturing its own servers, building its own data centers and deploying its own fiber-optic global network to achieve maximum efficiency.

OVHcloud would maintain unique expertise in server cooling, with a water-cooling system that has been developed in-house and deployed in its own data centers since 2003. When combined with optimized air flows, this system would make it possible to remove the use of air conditioning from data centers. Thanks to this “high-performing” process, OVHcloud would be able to cool AMD Ryzen processors to use maximum frequencies for all cores.

Customers of OVHcloud subsidiaries outside of the U.S. who want to provision dedicated servers in the U.S. can do so by creating a new account on OVHcloud US customers can purchase dedicated servers in all of the global OVHcloud data centers, except Singapore and Australia, through their account.




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