HostBill, an all-in-one automation, billing, client management and support platform for the hosting industry, has released new editions of their software product. The idea behind creating new pricing plans was to give the customers the option to choose a plan based on what stage they are in their business.

An all-in-one automation, billing, client management and support platform for hosting providers, HostBill handles all aspects of running an online business – from client acquisition, through invoicing and payment collection, automated service provisioning and management, to customer service and support.

New HostBill licenses by default include new payment gateways, domain registrars and free plugins added to HostBill in 2019. All of the licenses also include a VIES VAT EU plugin, that allows to verify client VAT ID against the EU VIES system. All of the new licenses also come with a new ‘2019’ client panel template and a new order page.

HostBill is available in 4 editions, that differ by the type and number of integrations included:

  • HostBill Startup Edition is dedicated to companies that are very early on or just starting their business. This license includes all HostBill core features: automation, billing and invoicing, client management and support tools. It also contains six provisioning modules: cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, DigitalOcean, Vultr and Amazon Lightsail. It also includes 10 support tickets.
  • HostBill Enterprise Edition is aimed at the needs of businesses with diversified product and services portfolio. It would be a good fit for cloud hosting, VPS and managed service providers, telcos and ISPs, and more. Apart from modules included in Startip Edition, Enterprise license also contains Proxmox, OnApp, Openstack, Cloudstack, PowerDNS, SolusVM and vSphere as well as IP Address Manager, designed to organize, track and sell unlimited number of IP addresses within an organization. With this HostBill license users get 15 support tickets.
  • HostBill Data Center Edition was created with the data center industry in mind. This license includes a range of modules designed specifically for the data center industry – to improve the efficiency in managing the infrastructure. Apart from IPAM and Inventory Manager, which helps to keep track of every single item the company owns and sells and categorize assets, this edition is equipped with a new, improved ‘Colocation Manager’ v6. Colocation Manager would be rich-featured. It allows to store and manage servers, switches, PDUs, KVMs, blade systems, Zero-U devices, and more.Data Center Edition also includes integrations with DCI Manager – a DCIM and dedicated server provisioning software. Also included are monitoring modules, Observium and Cacti, to measure and bill for bandwidth usage, as well as Ahsay backup, R1 Soft server backup manager and free Radius module. HostBill Data Center Edition includes 20 support tickets.
  • HostBill All-Inclusive is traditionally “the most powerful and most flexible license” delivered by HostBill. It includes all of the integrations: provisioning modules, plugins, client portals, order pages, domain registrars and payment gateways – with various payment methods supported. Compared to All-inclusive 2018, the new license now includes 70 new modules. It comes with additional license for testing and 100 support tickets.

All HostBill licenses are lifetime valid and come with 1-year free access to updates. With all licenses users get an unlimited number of clients and unlimited staff members.