New ‘Premium’ Domain Name Results in $40 Million Turnover Boost for Australian Car Loan Company

According to an article from Smart Company Australia, a business owner in Australia says that a new purchased ‘premium’ brand domain name has increased his company’s turnover by $40 million dollars in just six months, now exceeding $100 million in turnover.

The new website with premium domain name

The Australian business man credits his quick turnaround and business success mainly to the decision to buy a premium domain name to replace the company’s less recognizable and less effective website domain name.

In June, Shaun McGowan’s business,, was turning over $60 million. Five months later the company has grown by 60%, now exceeding $100 million in turnover, through one simple change – the domain name, according to the article on McGowan purchased a new, premium domain name in June and since then the business’s click through’s have increased, its marketing spend has reduced and turnover has increased by $40 million.

“When you can, you should invest in the best possible name and spend the most money that you can afford,” Shaun McGowan said. “Relating it back to the retail world, think about it like a store location. Having a premium domain name is the equivalent of buying the best house on the best street with the best foot traffic.”

Nine ‘premium’ domain name value points

Scott Alliy, CEO of domain name reseller, is not surprised by the significant business growth

Scott Alliy, CEO of domain name reseller, and, an internet marketing consulting firm based in West Palm Beach, Florida, is not surprised by the significant business growth that has experienced.

“If you don’t have a premium domain name you are losing customers, business, and profits,” said Alliy. “You are greatly over paying for advertising and what’s more you are in real danger of your competition buying the premium domain name and using it to grow their own business at your expense.”

Scot Alliy identifies nine value points that business owners should use when considering which web hosting domain name to own and use for their website.

  • Improved search rankings
  • Increased quality and quantity of website visitors
  • Reduced Advertising Marketing costs
  • Increased brand awareness for your business or organization
  • Easy for customers to remember and share your website name
  • Effective lead generation tool
  • Protects your market space from competition
  • Creates growth opportunities for your business
  • Adds asset value to your business that can be sold and transferred

The best domain name for a company would be the one that meets most if not all of the elements of the domain name standard, says Scott Alliy.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO