New Region Huawei Cloud in Singapore

Expanding the reach of its full-stack cloud platform and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities across the Asia Pacific region, Huawei has unveiled a new region for its cloud-computing services ‘HUAWEI CLOUD’ in Singapore.

Huawei Cloud‘s Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities are scheduled to be built in the Singapore region. These AI capabilities will implement Huawei Cloud’s technical solutions and innovations, serving startups and major industries in the Asia Pacific. Huawei Cloud plans to develop this Singapore region into one of its largest cloud regions outside of China.

“Huawei Cloud is proud to strategically invest in Singapore region, expanding our presence across Asia Pacific with the support of local and global ICT ecosystem partners,” said Roben Wang, President of HUAWEI CLOUD Asia Pacific region. “We look forward to providing stable, secure, and scalable cloud platform for both local as well as Chinese-funded enterprises with overseas expansion plans. These cloud services, which offer low latency and high cost-efficiency, will leverage the high-performance chips, servers, storage and network equipment that Huawei has developed, as well as the high-speed networks we have constructed with carriers in Asia Pacific.”

Digital Transformation Strategies

In addition to the Chinese mainland, Europe, and Latin America regions, Huawei Cloud had unveiled regions in Hong Kong, Russia, Thailand, and South Africa in 2018. By the end of 2018, Huawei had been opening 40 cloud availability zones in 23 geographic regions.

“Huawei has established a longstanding presence in the Asia Pacific region and has become part of the local ecosystems,” said Jeffery Liu, President of HUAWEI South Pacific region. “In recent years, many governments in the Asia Pacific region have announced their digital transformation strategies. We are ready to help local governments and enterprises implement their digital transformation strategies through exciting new technologies such as cloud computing and AI. In addition, Huawei Cloud will launch a skill training and recruitment plan for the Asia Pacific region, providing more employment opportunities and professional training programs for talent.”