New Relic Expands FutureStack Event to London, New York, and San Francisco

New Relic’s fourth annual technology event and user conference, FutureStack16, will be expanded into a global tour for the first time in its history. In addition to the flagship FutureStack16 conference in San Francisco this November 16-17, the software analytics provider will host companion events in London on July 5 and in New York on August 9.

The FutureStack16 Tour would offer what attendees love about the FutureStack conference: joining fellow innovators for collaborative and educational sessions to help understand how to leverage the next stage of the IT revolution, get better performance from their applications, provide delightful customer experiences, and deliver business outcomes.

new relic“We created FutureStack as a place to bring together the New Relic customer community so they could share with each other how they were thinking about the future of their digital business,” said Robson Grieve, CMO of New Relic. “Four years later, as our business has grown globally, we’ve found demand to bring the community together in more and more cities. The FutureStack16 Tour reflects what really matters to our customers and partners to invest in transforming their organizations. All three events will be oriented towards hands-on training and learning, thinking about the future, and connecting with a community that is going through the same experiences and strategic challenges.”

The FutureStack16 Tour will anchor on the biggest IT shift of the decade: the cloud. Attendees will learn how to connect the cloud to existing systems, where and how to use emerging technologies like Docker and microservices, and how to weave DevOps through IT operations and developer teams. FutureStack16 will teach attendees how to maintain systems of today to make smarter business decisions for tomorrow. 

The FutureStack16 Tour events in London and New York will also feature both introductory and advanced in-depth workshops on the same day, including: Application Performance Management (APM) Fundamentals, Advanced Multi-product Troubleshooting, Advanced APM & Insights, Browser & Synthetics Fundamentals, and Advanced Synthetics Scripting & Insights. 

To learn more about the FutureStack16 Tour, visit the New Relic website. New Relic will continue to announce additional speakers and workshops for the events over the coming weeks.