New Relic Introduces New Kubernetes Experience

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Observability company New Relic (NYSE: NEWR) has introduced a new Kubernetes experience that brings together Kubernetes application and cluster performance data in a single user interface within New Relic One Application Performance Monitoring (APM).

Its goal is to assist developers in creating more performant applications. Engineers are informed of issues through a real-time activity stream and may connect performance abnormalities with one-click logs for speedier debugging, in addition to reducing silos between APM and infrastructure monitoring. The experience is included as part of the all-in-one New Relic One observability platform, which allows engineers to create more value without having to provision separate SKUs with disjointed experiences and agent-based pricing models, which would require provisioning separate SKUs with disjointed experiences and agent-based pricing models.

Container and Kubernetes adoption has gone mainstream, according to industry statistics from CNCF and New Relic: 93 percent of responding firms are using or intending to utilize containers in production, and 96 percent of respondents are using or exploring Kubernetes. However, Kubernetes is not without its drawbacks: developers are primarily concerned with application speed, while operations experts are concerned with the underlying infrastructure’s performance and stability, according to New Relic. Kubernetes clusters, nodes, pods, and a variety of additional resources are used in this example. In Kubernetes settings, the distinctions between application and infrastructure are blurred, and developers who don’t understand underlying cluster performance may lose the ability to optimize their container-based applications.

Tooling to Scale Clusters

New Relic’s newly introduced Kubernetes experience fills the gap forementioned by providing developers and IT operators with the following capabilities directly within New Relic One APM:

  • Cohesive experience – Analyze APM and Kubernetes cluster performance data in a single, curated UI, eliminating the need to navigate between APM and Infrastructure to manually correlate data
  • Real-time activity stream – Get alerted to Kubernetes events and critical issues in real time without switching context in a real-time activity stream
  • Logs in context – View and analyze all contextual logs to isolate bottlenecks and perform correlation analysis
  • Metrics in context – View selectable metrics to correlate and investigate performance anomalies side-by-side

“Kubernetes adoption continues to grow as an essential strategy to accelerate application development,” said Alex Kroman, Senior Vice President and Product General Manager at New Relic. “With New Relic’s new Kubernetes experience, developers and engineers can correlate and analyze application golden signals against cluster resources in minutes, all in a single UI. Our users now have the tools to scale clusters and iterate rapidly to drive new and innovative products and services”

All full platform customers of the New Relic One platform now have access to New Relic’s newly released Kubernetes experience. As part of their New Relic One account, all existing customers will have access to this new capabilities at no additional cost.