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Discover Cisco ONE Software Suites:

In this episode, we learn how Cisco is making it easier to embrace intent-based networking with new subscription-based software suites for data center, WAN, and switching, routing, and wireless access domains.

Benefits include:
• Continuous access to the latest innovations and security updates
• Hardware-independent, portable software licenses that follow you to the future
• Predictable Opex spending
• Ability to renew and scale what you want

Vikram Rao joins Lauren in the lab as they walk through various software subscription scenarios, including Cisco ONE Advantage. This enterprise agreement covers all Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA) use cases and includes a unique 20 percent growth allowance that eliminates your exposure to surprise expenses.

They also provide a quick refresher on Cisco DNA and the programmability, automation, analytics, virtualization, and security features that combine to turn business intent into network actions.

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Duration: 9:17
Publisher: Cisco
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