NewCloud Networks Launches Virtual Private Data Centers with Fast Provisioning of Virtual Servers

NewCloud Networks, a Denver-based cloud hosting provider, has launched its newest Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution, Virtual Private Data Centers. The solution would provide end-users with the option to customize and provision virtual servers in five minutes or less. The new hosting product is aimed at businesses with 25 to 1,000 employees.

virtual-servers-newcloud-networksNewCloud’s Virtual Private Data Center (vPDC) solution is considered an all-encompassing IT solution for businesses. It moves the traditional on-premise data center environment (networking, compute and storage systems) into a secured, virtualized environment using vCloud Director by VMware. Once the system is in place, end-users would be able to customize and provision virtual servers in five minutes or less using an online portal.

The VMware-powered hosting packages are custom designed and custom priced for each customer based on an evaluation of their IT environment and a needs assessment.

Denver Tech Center

NewCloud’s Virtual Private Data Centers are hosted in their SOC 2 Type I certified, HIPAA compliant data center in the Denver Tech Center. The company’s security certifications have been based on third party evaluations of their internal operations and security practices which include video surveillance, badged access, biometric scanning and pre-hire employee screening.

The primary data center is connected to the company’s Phoenix Cloud Pod location via a 10 Gig MPLS network and the company plans to deploy more Cloud Pods around the country in the near future.

In order to show the value of vPDC to prospective customers, NewCloud Networks has made it a standard practice to offer return-on-investment (ROI) calculators during the sales process. “In some cases the ROI calculator shows that a 100% virtual server environment makes the most sense, and in other cases it shows that a hybrid environment is a wiser solution,” said V. Kumar, President of NewCloud Networks. “We take into consideration the customers’ business and applications in order to be sure we offer them the solution that makes the most sense for their business.”