Newly Launched CDN Alliance Aims to Represent Global CDN Industry

The newly established CDN Alliance is a global independent, non-profit industry association based in the Netherlands. Its aim is to address global industry challenges to further enhance the CDN Industry. It is a membership-based association that is open to both organizations and individuals involved in the CDN industry and community globally.

Despite the fact that the content delivery network (CDN) sector is critical to businesses all around the world and to everyone’s digital life, it lacked an industry organization to help it grow. With the creation of the CDN Alliance, a first step toward building a platform for this sector has been taken.

The primary goal of the CDN Alliance is to create an organization that helps the worldwide CDN industry. It also aims to raise its profile with organizations and individuals beyond the CDN industry.

The CDN Alliance was officially founded on April 1st, 2021, by Mark de Jong, Thijs de Zoete, and Rico van Laatum, who have a combined expertise of over 40 years within the CDN industry.

After more than a year of planning, market research, and discussions with dozens of important business figures, the CDN Alliance was established. Extensive study was conducted to guarantee that the organization is set up to assist the worldwide CDN industry as well as any prospective CDN Alliance members.

Solving CDN Industry Issues

The CDN Alliance believes that the CDN Industry’s present and future (global) problems can only be handled by the industry itself. Availability, scalability, dependability, privacy, security, sustainability, interoperability, education, certification, and legislation are all issues that must be addressed. A unified industry organization would be required for certain industry-wide concerns. The CDN Alliance’s mission is to foster a collaborative, open, and safe environment in which these industry issues may be solved.

By bringing members together as well as in cooperation with other organisations and public bodies, the CDN Alliance will be able to initiate and facilitate discussions and cooperation with all involved.

The objective is to work together with members to address industry issues, establish standardization, consolidate and disseminate information and intelligence, increase CDN industry visibility, and expand the overall business.

To address the CDN industry’s issues, the CDN Alliance will launch and assist a number of initiatives. Discussion groups, study groups, working groups, (virtual) events, networking, research and publishing, evangelism, training, information sharing, knowledge sharing, and other activities will be used to accomplish this.

Paid Memberships

The CDN Alliance is built based on paid memberships from organizations to join the CDN Alliance. Memberships are also available for individuals to become part of the CDN Community.

Any company or individual that is directly or indirectly involved with CDN services and technology is welcome to join the CDN Alliance. The CDN Alliance will be the voice of the whole CDN ecosystem, including bit delivery, dynamic delivery, media delivery, security, and edge.

The CDN Alliance’s website has started its member registration for organizations here on the CDN Alliance’s website. Individual registration will start later in 2021, however pre-registration is now already accessible on their website.