WP Engine Introduces New WordPress Web Hosting Features on Its Platform

WP Engine, a SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress, has announced the Alpha project of ‘WP Engine Search’ powered by Elasticsearch. This new feature enables websites hosted on the WP Engine web hosting platform to embed faster, more accurate search capabilities.

Unlike standard WordPress search, which conducts a MySQL query to find keywords and sorts by date published, WP Engine Search offers real-time search functionality without requiring a full-text database scan for every search operation. WP Engine Search would generate more effective search as well as autosuggestions for close queries, related content and matching for misspelled terms.

wordpress-web-hostingWP Engine also announced ‘Related Posts,’ which enables the placement of relevant, related pieces of a brand’s content into a visitor’s page to increase page views and reader engagement. Both features are built into the WP Engine WordPress platform. Related Posts is integrated into WP Engine Search so users no longer need to sign up with a third-party service for an API key or hosted related post plugins.

“WP Engine Search enables WordPress website owners to build powerful, customized search experiences that rival the capabilities of today’s leading search engines and to transform their users’ experiences,” said Jason Cohen, CTO and Co-founder of WP Engine. “Coming off the heels of GeoIP and the HHVM Mercury Platform, WP Engine Search is testament to the open source innovation conducted at WP Engine Labs, which is constantly bringing to market new products and features applicable to the entire WordPress community.”

Founded in 2010, WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices in San Francisco; San Antonio, Texas; and London.